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These tools, along with their spectral editor (complete with photoshop-like selection tools), give you the ability to clean out most common sonic problems. Have you tried any of the software mentioned above, or do you have a favorite audio file compression tool that you use? Rev receives thousands of minutes of audio files every day from customers placing online transcription orders. Depending on the length and quality of the recording, large audio files can take a while to upload. One of the most common questions we receive is how to make the file sizes smaller so they’ll upload faster.

Fortunately, there is great abundance in narration and voice-over professionals out there. However, the cost keeps rising if you decide to hire a professional. There also arises the issue of what happens when you decide to update or add content to your online training course.

Of course, they also include tools for noise ‘fingerprinting’, but you won’t find the number of intelligent algorithms available for noise removal like you see in iZotope RX. Spectral Layers is all about manual control, and if you know how to view the spectrogram to find sound, and use the tools to manipulate it, you may be just as well off with this software. But most studio professionals on this level would rely on Cedar Studio; their comprehensive set of software that works inside DAWs like Pro Tools. Of course, this bundle of tools will cost about $13,000, with each module costing no less than around $3,000 each. While many of the benefits of these tools can be found in cheaper software, the added top level of quality, speed and efficiency is a need reserved for a select few.

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Text to speech software tools eliminate the need to pay a professional while tackling cases of visually impaired online learners or online learners with various other learning disabilities. For basic YouTube audio downloading, simply paste any YouTube URL, opt to just keep the audio, choose an output format, quality, location and click the ‘Extract’ button. There’s a great choice of formats – both video and audio – including MP4, MKV, 3GP, MP3, M4A, and OGG.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube comes with no ads or unwanted extra applications – just a clear, simple and well-designed tool that will rip the music you want with the minimum of hassle. It features the ability to queue up three links for downloading. In this article, we will cover top 5 YouTube to MP3 converters and give you a quick rundown of the really workable and clean tools that you can use for free. Trim, delete parts, merge files, avast offline installer apply effects with AVS Free Audio Converter.

Developed by NextUp, TextAloud 3 is one of the most professional text to speech software tools, featuring 29 languages. iSpeech is a text to speech software with the ability to convert text to numerous audio formats not limited to only one device. Narration and use of human voices are quite the recipe to make online learners more interested and emotionally connected with the eLearning course.

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  • With this anonymous session, whoever you give the link to will have access to your computer without needing a password.
  • The other way to use is to simply open the program and share the public link.
  • What’s more is that you can remote into the computer when the user doesn’t have Chrome open, or even when they’re completely logged out of their user account.
  • One is to log in to the client’s user account with their email and password, a great option if they’ll be getting into this computer a lot.

Alternatively you can use one of a multitude of different audio conversion programs that are free to download for Windows and Mac users. Apple, always one to buck a trend, instead plumped for the newer M4A format on iTunes. Apple’s Lossless Audio Codec means your music is stored without information loss, so you’ll get a rich, full-bodied sound. Better still, M4A files often take up less storage space than MP3s, so it’s the best of both worlds. Linguatec has produced this excellent text to speech software tool with numerous functional features.